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Monday 14 December 2015

In Remembrance of Mr. Jingles With #SubZeroDifference @PetSmart #ad

Mr. Jingles, © 2015

This post is sponsored by Nutrience, PetSmart, and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about the launch of Nutrience Subzero in PetSmart Canada but A Spicy Boy, A Cat, and My Fat Ass only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Nutrience and PetSmart are not responsible for the content of this article.

This post is going to take a bit of a different tone than what I had originally planned. In my first Nutrience SubZero post, I had wanted to focus on the weight loss aspect of my cat Mr. Jingles. With a heavy heart I have to announce that my furbaby Jingles took a trip over the Rainbow Bridge December 8th, 2015. What would of normally been a routine vet visit, turned into him never coming home again. So I'm still in shock as I'm writing this, and wanted to make this post a bit of a memorial post celebrating his life. I was blessed with 10 wonderful years with him.

Luckily, Jingles did get a chance to enjoy the Nutrience SubZero Fraser Valley cat food from PetSmart. Unfortunately, I never got the chance of taking his picture enjoying the food... and the food he did enjoy. I also must state, that him taking a trip over the Rainbow Bridge had nothing to do with the pet food testing. I learned at the vet that he must of had a heart problem that went undetected until now, that there was nothing that we could of done. Even if we caught it a bit sooner, it would have still had the same outcome in the end. I will be completing this review with Jingles, as well as his furry friend, my fur-sister, Molly.

Brianna, © 2015
On November 28th, 2015, I took a trip with my little Munchkin and my mother to PetSmart for the a national in-store demo event, which had the try subzero for zero, launch promotion. If you brought in an opened competitor bag of grain-free pet food, you would receive a free bag of subzero for free! Of course I didn't have an opened one, so I wasn't able to participate in that portion. However, I did use the gift card that I received and I ended up getting the biggest bag of cat food available. The local store that I went to wasn't that big, so it was a medium sized event. The display that they had, was a table set up in front of a waterfall fountain... which was quite pretty. On the left side of the table they had the dog food, and to the right side they had the cat food. They were offering some awesome cloth bags with the cat and dog design on both sides... which is what I used to carry the heavy food home in. They also included some 10% off coupons, and some glasses cleaner in little plastic pouches. What does glasses cleaners have to do with the company? Nothing, but they had their logo on it.

The SubZero store display, at the Scarborough location #2009.

Even though they had a display, I decided to take a stroll through the aisles to find the product on the shelf. I forgot the pricing of the product, until I saw it on the shelf... I had seen it on the PetSmart website in time for the launch. The bag that I picked up was the $59.99 one, even though the smaller bag was on sale for $26.99 with my Pet Perks... I thought it would be easier to get just the one bag, instead of having a second one floating around at home. The number one thing that I noticed when I glanced at the bags, was the "Made in Canada" logo on it. I'm super proud to purchase items that are Canadian born, as I prefer to support Canadian companies first.

Once I arrived home that day, I snapped some photos of the product to prepare for this review. I combined the new food with the old food to help the transition on my furbaby... to help prevent any tummy trouble. Jingles was never a picky eater, so I knew that he would take to the food no problem... he was a little piggy! What I noticed first while opening the bag, was the awesome way that it would get sealed. Most pet food use a zipper-like style closure, if they have any. This one was so awesome, that it was a velcro-like closure... no fighting with the bag trying to get the zipper to line up.

The SubZero bag that I carried the pet food home in.

I was getting ready to feed the furbaby... Jingles that is.

"Nourish the body, fuel the spirit."

Nutrience Grain Free Subzero combines protein-rich kibble and freeze-dried NUTRIBOOST to help deliver benefits of raw in an easy to use recipe. What is NUTRIBOOST? It's where fresh meat or fish is infused with beneficial ingredients, then gently freeze-dried to lock in the natural goodness of raw.

The product is made in British Columbia, Canada, and produced in small batches for superior quality control. It contains Canadian sources of top quality protein, delivered fresh, never frozen.

There are 4 key ingredients (Green-Lipped Mussels, Pacific Cod Liver, Pumpkin, and Acadian Kelp) that make up NUTRIBOOSTTM each with their own unique nutritional benefits.

Nutriboost freeze dried inclusion contains...

  • Green-Lipped Mussels - A natural anti-inflammatory to support joint health.
  • Pacific Cod Liver - A rich source of omega-3 fatty acids for a healthy skin and coat.
  • Pumpkin - A good source of dietary fiber to support digestion.
  • Acadian Kelp - A variety of seaweed loaded with natural antioxidants to support a healthy immune system.

Me and Mr. Jingles, © 2015

As I stated in the beginning, Jingles got the chance to enjoy the food prior to him traveling over the Rainbow Bridge. He was never a fussy cat, and enjoyed all his food! Yes, he would always finish his bowl of kibble in the middle of the night, meowing at 5am for more. With this food there wasn't anything different to that routine. What I liked about this food, was that it didn't smell like the typical cat food... no fishy smell. The kibble had a few different sized kernels in it, which I think would make for some nice different textures.

Brianna and Molly, © 2015
What I noticed with this food, was that he became full faster than his previous food. I would assume that's due to the high protein content, with the first ingredient being fresh protein. I can't really comment on his weight loss, as it could of been due to the fact that he wasn't well... he lost 1.5lbs. What I can comment on, was the noticeable texture of his fur... his fur was silky soft, and super shiny.

Since Jingles passing, I came to stay at my mother's place for a few days... that's where Molly lives. I decided to bring the food for my fur-sister, to see how she would like it. Now this cat is the weirdest of cats that I've met... she's a cat with OCD, major anxiety, and possibly an eating disorder. I love her even though she's extra special! I decided to try the food on her, assuming that she would probably sniff it and walk away like her other food. I was actually surprised that she ate some right away. I'm looking forward to seeing if she will possibly tone up while eating this food, as she's quite skinny due to her being super picky. I am happy to say that while I've been staying at moms, Molly has been eating the food daily... not just snacking here and there, she actually made a dent in the food bowl. Normally you can't see the bottom of her bowl, but since we've introduced this to her... we see a little glimpse of the bottom.

Overall, this has been an awesome and fun experience participating in this SubZero promotion... I would like to say a big thank you to BlogPaws, as well as PetSmart and the Nutrience SubZero!

Sadie wants the best for Henry, Reese and Ricky and trusts Nutrience Subzero to provide optimal health in an easy-to-use formula. Try it for yourself and see the #SubzeroDifference today. Learn more:
Posted by PetSmart on Tuesday, November 17, 2015

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  1. awwwww - SO sorry for your loss - may God grant you His peace in the coming days

  2. Losing a pet is so very difficult. I am so sorry for your loss. :(

  3. I'm sorry for your loss... I can know your feelings of losing a pet!!

  4. Wow! They are so cute! I love dogs so much but unfortunately I can't keep them at home now. I left my favorite Corgi at my parents to make different projects to the capital newspaper . I see that you prefer cats more and I know how important is right nutrition and high-quality food.


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