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Wednesday 9 December 2015

Horsing Around With Vet Care

Do you have a thoroughbred horse that you feel is not performing to its full potential? Perhaps you ride your horse in show jumping events and you believe the animal could improve its jumping ability. Whatever the case may be, there are ways to help your horse do better at whatever activity it is involved in. Many owners depend on their horse for a source of income. Therefore, it is in their best interests to do anything possible to get their animal to perform at peak efficiency. However, this is sometimes much easier said than done. Here are a few methods to improve your horse's performance.


It may sound funny to give acupuncture treatments to a large animal like a horse. However, this type of treatment can benefit a horse in much the same manner that it helps humans. In many ways, acupuncture is still a mystery to many modern medical professionals. People who receive this treatment are often cured of their various ailments. However, doctors are still not totally sure how this happens. Nonetheless, giving acupuncture treatments to your horse has absolutely no downside to it. The worst case scenario is that your horse will be the same as it was before. With any luck, its performance will improve.

Outstanding veterinary care

There are some people who mistakenly think that all equine veterinarians possess the same level of skill. Unfortunately, this is not true at all. There is the misconception that all veterinarians must be good because they passed all the necessary exams to obtain their license. However, there are good and bad vets just like there are good and bad doctors. This is why it is imperative for you to seek out the highest quality veterinarian to take care of your animal. There might me certain health problems a new vet will be able to detect that your current one has not. Outstanding equine veterinary care can be received by looking at

A skilled farrier

Your horse will have a hard time performing its best if he or she is unable to walk properly. A horse must be able to support an enormous amount of weight on its feet. This amount of weight increases when it jumps and lands on its feet. Therefore, a skilled farrier will be able to properly trim and shoe the hooves on your horse so it can walk and run without pain.

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