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Saturday 7 November 2015

Flavorful Alcohol

There are times when alcohol is good by itself as it can give you a rush, and there are times when you might need mixers for alcohol that add a little flavor so that the burn of the alcohol isn't as strong. There are a few mixers that can be added to make a drink healthy when it seems like the drink should be bad for you.

One of the things that you can add to alcohol is sparkling water. This will give it a bubbly effect and a little added taste without the calories. It's better than adding juices and sodas to the alcohol. Another item that doesn't add a lot of calories is hot sauce. You don't need to add a lot of the sauce to get a large amount of flavor. The spice from the sauce can help to decrease your appetite where alcohol can sometimes make you want to eat more. A flavorful beverage is an ounce of vodka with about four ounces of tomato juice with about a teaspoon of hot sauce.

Lemon juice is a component that works well with the burn of the alcohol. There are half as many calories in lemon juice mixed with alcohol as you would find in lemonade, and there isn't the sugar that you would find, either. Lime juice offers the same aspects as lemon juice. Both fruits are easy to use with just about any kind of alcohol. There is also a large amount of Vitamin C in each fruit. Another good mixer for alcohol is orange juice. This should be the juice from an orange instead of juice that you get in the refrigerated department of the grocery store. Rum and mint leaves are ideal for mixing with these fruits. They are also good for increasing the immune system as alcohol has a tendency to decrease the body's ability to ward off infections.

Other common mixers include the juice from watermelons, a few berries added to a glass of alcohol and green tea. Soda is something else that you can use, and if you don't want the calories and high amounts of sugar, then use a diet soda that doesn't have caffeine. It will still give you the flavors without the unhealthy components.

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