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Thursday 1 October 2015

How to Recover from Domestic Abuse Together

Some people say that an individual who hits his or her partner is an abuser who will strike again. Therapists believe that physical abuse can occur once without ever occurring again. It depends on the mental and emotional state of the person who abused and his or her willingness to recover. When you find yourself in the position of being the victim of abuse and wanting to start over again with your partner or spouse, there are some things the two of you need to do. These steps increase your chances of future happiness and reduce the risk of future abuse.

Make a Decision Together

The absolute first thing you must do is sit down and make a decision together that you want to live a life free of violence. Your partner must agree that violence is never the solution to a problem and that he or she will never strike you again. The two of you must also talk about the steps you will take to recover together and what you will do or say to others in your life. If you have kids at home who witnessed the violence, you will need to talk with your kids about it.

Take Classes

Your partner should agree to attend a batterer's intervention program. These programs are now available online, which allow abusers to seek help and treatment from home. Many programs consist of six to eight weeks of classes that show batterers why abuse is wrong. Your partner will also look stress management techniques that allow him or her to find alternative ways to deal and cope with stressful situations. Some programs also come with homework that your partner will need to complete before finishing the program.

Go to Counseling

One of the best ways to recover from the domestic violence you experienced is with couples counseling. This is especially helpful if the abuse occurred more than once or if you find yourself seriously thinking about divorce or a separation. Couples counseling lets the two of your work through any problems you have together, including financial issues, infidelity and the abuse itself. Your counselor will help you find ways to cope with all those issues and ways to remind yourselves of how much you love each other. With counseling, batterer's classes and working together, you may recover from domestic abuse as a couple.

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