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Monday 6 July 2015

Two Ways To Become A More Productive, Positive You

If you're interested in self-improvement, you should know that focusing on ways to become a better person can result in you leading a more productive, positive life. To start leading this type of fulfilling life, consider implementing the following self-optimization strategies:

1. Focus On Health Optimization.

When you look and feel your best, life is infinitely better. Unfortunately, we live in a very unhealthy country in which the majority of the populace is sedentary and eats a diet high in fat, salt, and sugar. If you really want to change your life for the better, you need to abandon these life-inhibiting behaviors and focus on health optimization. There are numerous ways to get started, and one is to educate yourself about what health is all about. Magazines such as Whole Foods Magazine enable you to do this very thing by offering information about health current events as well as tips and tricks on how to optimize your diet.

2. Examine Your Relationships Carefully.

Oftentimes, the reason that individuals fail to become their best self results from the fact that they are around people who promote substandard modes of living. In some cases, an individual could discourage you from implementing a workout plan or optimizing your diet. In other cases, a person could exhibit controlling behaviors that preclude you from making decisions independently. Irrespective of the nature of the dysfunctional, unhealthy relationship, it can hinder your personal progress. With that idea in mind, it's important to periodically examine your relationships carefully to determine if any of them are unhealthy. In the event that they are, it's a good idea to end them or at least temporarily limit your association with the individual until you have thoroughly integrated healthier modes of being and knowing into your life.


If you're interested in becoming a more productive and positive person, you should know that there are several self-optimization techniques you can deploy to realize the goal. By focusing on wellness optimization and critically analyzing your relationships, you can start making the types of life decisions that will entail a healthier, happier existence.

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