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Sunday 24 May 2015

Hospital Labor Checklist!

I'm currently at 31 weeks in my pregnancy, and that means that I could go into labor anytime now. Of course I'm praying I will go the full 40 weeks, although with my health issues that is highly unlikely. Since the day is quickly approaching, I decided to make a list of some things that should be packed waiting to go... you never know!

For labor...

__ Robe and/or nightgown
__ Slippers
__ Socks
__ Old nightgown or t-shirt to wear during labor
__ Hair tie, in case you want your hair tied up
__ Relaxation materials ( books, magazines, music, etc.)
__ Toiletries

For the birth partner...

__ Comfortable shoes
__ Change of clothes, toothbrush and deodorant
__ Watch with a second hand to time contractions, or an application on cellphone
__ Swimwear if you're using a birth pool
__ Digital camera or camcorder
__ Address book to notify people
__ Snacks and drinks

For after your angel is born...

__ Going home outfit for you
__ Breastfeeding bra
__ Breast pads
__ Maternity or maxi pads
__ Nightgown
__ Toiletries
__ Towel, hairbrush, toothbrush and toothpaste
__ Old underwear/cheap underwear
__ Earplugs if you end up in a noisy ward

For the baby...

__ Infant car seat
__ One outfit for the trip home.
__ Baby blanket (warm one if it's cold out)
__ One pair of socks and/or boots
__ Hat
__ Jacket or snowsuit for winter weather
__ Receiving blanket or burp cloths.

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