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Wednesday 15 April 2015

Think My Cat Just Lost Two of His Lives!

Spring has finally arrived here in Toronto, and I couldn't wait to get out to enjoy the pretty weather. Well, today I had the bright idea of putting a harness and leash on my furbaby Mr Jingles... my 17 Lb cat. At first it sounded like a good idea... go for a nice walk in the front yard of my building. Umm... not such a good idea! For starters, I should of been covered from head to toe prior to putting the harness on. Also, I should of trimmed his claws as well... wasn't exactly looking forward to having scratch marks up and down my arms and legs.

Since my partner was off today and I was enjoying my lunch break, I thought we should go for a walk... thinking that my cat suddenly was my little puppy. I think it took us about five minutes just to figure out how the harness is supposed to be worn... once we figured that out, now came the actual fun. Try wrestling with a 17 Lb cat, who was determined not to let me put the thing on him. I got the first portion done up, and was about to clip the second portion around his waist... when I got clawed to death and he made a run for it. He's normally lazy as shit and never runs... well I swear I never saw him run so fast in all these years that I've had him. Naturally I cried from laughter, and somewhat wet myself... one of the fun perks of being preggers!

So now Mr Jingles is hidden away as far back as he can in my bedroom closet... the poor baby looks traumatized from our little experiment, and I probably wont see him for the rest of the day now.

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