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Tuesday 31 March 2015

Skip these beauty trends in 2015

Everyone on the internet is busy telling you about beauty trends that you should follow in 2015. However, we have compiled a list of beauty trends that should be excluded from your makeup plans. So, read them all and try to keep yourself away from these trends.

Forced waves

Although forced waves were considered effortlessly cool for a couple of years, it is important to forget it and impress the masses without it. Instead, you should think of unpolished bends. You can create the latter with a flat iron.

Fan-like lashes

If you want to draw attention to your eyes, you should look for something that is good for you, like individual falsies. Fan-like lashes look really fake and do not deserve to be on your makeup ‘want’ list.

Overdrawn lips

Those with super-thin lips who are trying to create a larger look make this mistake. Overdrawing lips is not a sensible choice. Even if you have an Angeline Jolie-like pout, overdrawing lips is not a sensible choice. Instead, use balm, or nude lip should do the trick.

Extra dark smoky eyes

Don’t get me wrong. Smoky eyes are cool and sexy, but super-dark smoky eyes can have their disadvantages. So, avoid extra dark smoky eyes.

Long extension that is insanely long

Know the perfect length and don’t think of extensions that are too long. Taylor Swift should be your example in this case. She has the perfect length that is attractive and at the same time, is not insanely long.

Sharp and boxy brows

You are not here to shoot for a film (Chinese film, specifically!). So, avoid having brows that gives an impression that it has been drawn on with the help of a stencil. Instead, go for lightly colored and feathery brows. While sharp and boxy brows make you look fake and harsh, feathery, and light colored brows make you look fresh-faced and youthful.

Bronze skin

Again, bronze skin is not in the ‘banned’ list. However, if you go beyond bronzed skin, you are attempting something really stupid.

Eagle talon nail tips

Choosing colored, almond-shaped nails or going nude is something that should be dragged to 2015. File your nails on time and make for a natural look.

Highlighter should be used, not abused

Shining spotlights were not really appreciated in 2014 and the same will be discouraged in 2015 too. So, it would be a sensible choice to limit your highlighter usage.

Forehead braids

We are not talking about headband braids. You can still use it to look sexier. However, opt for something like the rope braids because they offer a sophisticated look to the onlookers.

Black lipstick

We see our favorite celebrity applying it to various events and it looks good on them. However, it is not easy to pull off an interesting look with that black lipstick on your lips.

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