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Sunday 25 January 2015

The no-water SOS hair cleanser for those who hate dry shampoo (Time: 5 minutes!)

Last minute dinner plans and hair that looks like crows could be breeding inside its murky depths? This happens to me at least once a month and since I hate dry shampoo (how does one ever get the gritty, dandruff-like stuff out of the strands?) it’s revival time for grandm’s 5-minute hair-pick-me-up. And it’s simple!

Take a sturdy hairbrush and force the bristles through an old stocking or panty hose. Brush your hair normally and watch all the icky stuff transfer from your scalp and strands on the fabric. When the cloth becomes dirty, remove it and replace with another piece and continue till hair is presentable. This is a true life saver!

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