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Saturday 17 January 2015

Beauty DIY: A hair mask that’s guaranteed to make your strands feel like spun silk

Much as I love winter, the knit hats, dry heat and bitterly cold temperatures are a surefire recipe for hair disaster. Think: absolute and total loss of any shine, unattractive flakiness, a thinning hairline and brittle strands.

So, this time I decided it was time to dig into the recipes of the past and see whether there was any way of restoring shine and vitality back to my lifeless hair. The solution was as simple as it is ancient – red hibiscus oil.

The red hibiscus (also known as Jaswand) is indigenous to warmer climates like Egypt and Hawaii. It has sacred connotations in India, where it’s known most prominently for its associations with Goddess Kali and Lord Ganesha. But hibiscus is more than just a floral offering to the divine – it has numerous cosmetic properties and health benefits that have been used since centuries by Aurvedic practitioners as a vital ingredient in beauty treatments. And that’s not all – even science backs up the claims, asserting that:

The oil from red hibiscus petals creates a hydro-lipid film that gives a silky smoothness to even the most brittle strands Red hibiscus oil has hydroxy acids that restore the balance of cellular division, hence treating dandruff It is rich in antioxidants that restore vitality and neutralize the effects of environmental pollutants

Armed with this knowledge, I turned to a simple recipe that grandmom used to use with an almost religious fervour: take 8-10 hibiscus flowers and dry them for 4-5 days (or just buy dried hibiscus petals and skip this step). Then powder the petals and mix them with coconut oil – one teaspoon of powdered petals to one teaspoon of oil is a good ratio. Massage this concoction into the scalp once a day for at least a week. I did this at night, then washed it off in the morning since greasy locks are even worse than dry and brittle ones as a fashion statement.

The results take 3-4 days to start showing but when they do – va va voom! My hair has honestly never looked so glossy. I am prepared for any hair turbulence now!

Got any great winter hair tricks of your own to share today? We want to hear ‘em!

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