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Friday 5 December 2014

What You Should Know About Investing In Gold

There are a number of stockbrokers who advise clients to invest in gold. Since gold isn't usually affected by a financial crisis and it doesn't tend to broadly fluctuate, it stays at a relatively stable value. Gold isn't held to the same standards in the market as money is, which makes it a safer investment.

How to Make the Best Investment

Today, the price of gold is decided upon by the London Gold Exchange, which meets twice daily to determine values. Before making any investment, it’s a good idea to get a basic idea of how the gold market works. Also, you should be watching trends in other, non-gold markets to stay on top of fluctuations and truly max out your returns. Many stock analysts find that the price of gold generally moves opposite from U.S. stocks, which makes it an excellent addition to your investments because it offers a sort of protection.

The History of Gold Investments

Gold has been known as a valuable commodity ever since it first started circulating in 550 BC. Historians feel that gold was the very first currency because it’s scarce, durable, and aesthetically appealing. The first gold coin has been traced back to Turkey.

While you can invest in gold simply by purchasing coins, many savvy investors choose to get in on the gold exchange. If you need guidance when it comes to investing in gold and other metals, learn more today.

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