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Sunday 26 October 2014

Things are in the Shit-er!

Hey everyone... once again I've been hiding! Not really... I've been working hard with lots of overtime at work. So much has changed in the last while, that I have no idea where to begin. I guess for starters I should say, that I'm once again without work.

Why do I seem to attract psychotic people in my life?! When I say that, I meant my ex boss/owner. I worked for the company for about nine months, and worked my ass off. I worked overtime like there was no tomorrow, and had received two raises. I went from $16.50 to $24 within a month of excellent service, to $30 an hour to bringing the company out from the shit-hole it was in. Just this passed week I noticed I was back down to my starting rate.

My boss told me that since he hired 2 additional people, they were cutting my pay. Umm... I don't know anywhere in Canada that this is acceptable?! It's not... and the board of labor will be hearing from me soon. But on top of that, I've had to put up with way too much shit/stress/abuse from the owner, that I'm amazed he's still in business. I am determined to make sure that he doesn't do this to anyone else in the future.

The last couple months things kept getting worse. I would get up about 7 hours into my shift to go take a pee, and when I came back I'd pick up the phone... to have the owner bitch and complain to me that I let the phone ring, Most of the months working there, I never took a break... and that's not right. If I want to sit on the toilet to take a piss or sit and shit for ten minutes... it's my right as an employee to be able to do this. I put up with this bullshit for quite some time, while keeping my mouth shut.

I would be working and it was like the owner would Skype me every ten minutes checking up on me... giving me yet another task. He would bitch and complain that I didn't have enough sales, yet I had the most out of the entire company. I also was the one who trained the two new people, and he still expected me to do everything all at once. If I'm stuck training, obviously my sales would be down. There was one day that I snapped and asked if he wanted me to train them, or have them go home... that I wasn't a machine and couldn't do everything all by myself.

I'm so tempted at spreading the company name around the web, as no one should put up with the abuse that I put up with. But... I'm better than that. I will leave it up to the Board of Labor here in Ontario.

What ended up setting me off this week, is incredible and unimaginable. I was at work doing my usual work... sitting at my desk next to one of the new girls, and responding to client online. The owner walked into the office with some chick I never saw before... and his response was "this is the new girl that you'll be training, and she'll be taking your spot". So automatically what came out of my mouth was "you're a fucking asshole"... and I tossed my keys and walked out.

Have you ever experienced any abuse like this at a workplace?

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