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Monday 11 August 2014

Annoyed and Frustrated!

I woke up early this morning so that I could do laundry before work. Yes, I was too lazy to do it on my day off, and now I'm out of underwear. I guess I could of gone commando, but not exactly practical for work!

I'm in the laundry room and just put the clothes in the dryer. What annoys me is that this one family keeps getting in my way. Normally people being around wouldn't bother me, but it doesn't take the whole family to do laundry. And what I mean by that... It doesn't take four people staring at the washing machine, nor does it take all four to fill it. I'm trying to empty my wash and put it in a dryer, and lucky me I'm right next to them. I know I can be bitchy at times, but I could feel my blood boil when I tried so hard to politely ask them to move. I really felt like just saying "get the fuck outta my way"!

I still have about 40 minutes left on the dryer, and I pray that I don't lose my shit! I can't be all cranky and bitchy, I'm not even at work yet!

Have an awesome day everyone, and try not to lose your shit!!!

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