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Saturday 19 July 2014

Heads up: Orange juice will give you a bad hair day!

While that vitamin C-packed glass of orange juice is a powerful way to boost collagen, thereby improving skin elasticity and halting premature ageing, having it at breakfast might not be the best news for your hair. Leading trichologist Philip Kingsley explains: “In some people, orange juice, white wine and dairy products trigger a change in the level of sweat and sebum (natural oils). When these levels change, dandruff-causing microorganisms start flourishing, causing the scalp to flake.” Ugh! Right?

So, what should our breakfast plans look like? Hair experts concur that eating protein in the morning is what’s most important as this is when protein levels in the hair follicle are lowest. Also necessary: Vitamins A and B, zinc and essential fatty acids. Which means that a hair-power-packed breakfast should include eggs, bacon, wholegrain cereals and a tofu or flaxseed-based green smoothie. That sounds delish enough, thankfully.

Have you ever noticed a link between what you eat and your hair? And what’s YOUR go-to breakfast plan?

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