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Thursday 24 April 2014

5 Goofy Promotional Hats For Your Business

Anyone can throw a logo on a baseball hat. It takes real dedication and a sense of fun to create a rainbow beachcomber hat! If you're looking for a zany way to get the word out about your business, here are five promotional caps that will turn heads up and down the street.

1: Glow Caps

Perfect for evening events or parades that last beyond sundown, glow caps are made of multicolored LED lights that will shine up to eight hours after activation. They'll also be a huge crowd pleaser!

2: Top Hats

Tower over the competition with a top hat in crazy colors. You'll make a walking billboard out of everyone who decides to wear one, and people everywhere will see and take note of your brand.

3: Wide-Brim Hats

Fun yet functional, a wide-brim hat is a great investment. People will wear them year-round, you see, for warmth in the winter and sun protection in the summer, and every time they put one on, they'll see your logo and remember your mascot. You couldn't ask for more dedicated advertising!

4: Plastic Fedoras

Fedoras are already a huge movement among the younger crowd, so if you can tap into their consciousness with New Year's party hats or green-themed St. Patrick's Day revelry, the branding battle is halfway won.

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