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Saturday 11 January 2014

Unique Brunch Party Ideas

Hosting a brunch is an easy way to entertain; the menu is traditionally simple and the d├ęcor designs are understated. It doesn't take a lot of planning to create a successful brunch, but to make an event above and beyond the norm; you must take it a step further. For the menu, learn recipes for healthy cooking to create a nutritious and tasty meal and for the design, fresh flowers and handmade details make all of the difference. Whether you are hosting a bridal shower brunch or a simple mid-afternoon gathering with friends, taking the time to consider all of your options will help to create a special day.

Creating a central theme for your brunch will give you a core from which all other details originate. Not only that, it makes the event much more fun for guests. For example, a 1920s brunch would have your guests dressing up in beautiful attire, as you serve mimosas with crepes. The decorations must fit the theme as well. For a Mexican-themed brunch, infuse a lot of color into the tableware and wall hangings. Choose a theme that fits the personality of the group attending and that is also conducive to food that you can affordably create.

The food that you serve can really make a statement in the minds of your guests, but it's also easy to play it safe and fall short. Traditional brunch foods are good, but to make them great, consider a personal spin on the recipes. For example, French toast is usually prepared with milk, eggs and spices; by adding orange liquor and orange zest, you'll have guests asking for the recipe. Keep in mind that brunch should have savory options to coincide with the time of day. Croque monsieurs are an elegant take on a ham and cheese sandwich that are ideal for a brunch menu.

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