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Friday 24 January 2014

Traumatized By My Cat

I was sitting at home relaxing watching Netflix... said bye-bye to cable, when my cute fur-baby cat came to cuddle. Since it's winter I was happy to have my furry friend get close to me... it's quite cold here in Toronto. Naturally I had to pet him since he curled up on my tummy... I was laying on my futon on my back. He was purring away while I watched the 7th season of Weeds, when all of a sudden I hear this funky noise. Yes, my fur-baby vomited a hairball right in my face. Naturally he ended up flying across the room, while I screamed in horror.

Anyone else have a similar experience? We all love our pets... but what's the grosses thing to ever happen to you?!


  1. That is typical of cat manners, from what I hear. Unfortunate. I've had a similar thing happen with my human baby, but the WORST smell I have ever smelled is when, and I will spare you the details, my pet snake lost his lunch so to speak. He eats large rats. The smell will never leave me. He did not do this on my lap, or in my face, as your fur baby, but the smell is 10 kinds of foul. Plus, snakes are not even very cuddly. He is by far the best pet I have ever had in terms of low maintenance upkeep, and he is absolutely beautiful, so he stays :)
    Good on you for choosing Netflix over cable, I concur!

  2. Hahah! Oh my :/ Gotta love pets! :)

  3. I can't say my cats have ever done anything worse than what my son has done. LOL

  4. Ewwww! Oh.....pets can be so nasty!

  5. I'm surprised you didn't have any warning noises! Never had a hair ball dumped on me but stepped on some by accident and grossed out! My Dad is not convinced that hair balls are not poop. Poor kitty had a belly ache. Gotta love cats!!!


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