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Monday 18 November 2013

Sleepless and Stressful Night

It's yet another sleepless night. I fell asleep no problem, but woke up within a couple hours and can't go back to sleep. I lay in bed over thinking stuff and stressing myself out. What exactly am I thinking about? My ex. The whole situation is making me sick, and I don't know how to clear my mind. He was supposed to come tonight to pick up his stuff with his brother, however, never heard anything from him. I sent him a text asking if the plan was still on, and no reply. I finally decided to call his cellphone to see if we should reschedule it, and his phone was disconnected. I'm not impressed. He owes 50% of our line of credit together, that needs to be paid off... $10,000! I also added up the charges on the credit card that he made, and it was over $600. Yes, I know I'm liable for the credit card, but why do I get stuck paying his portion of the line of credit? I really didn't want to have to go to court, but looks like I will have to.

I also seem to be getting stuck with paying for the whole divorce myself. He's the one who choked me and smacked me around. He says because I've moved on with my life and actually spending time with friends, that I'm a whore who cheated... not true! He's trying to play the victim here, and I'm getting shit on for everything. I called his house and his mother answered... she wouldn't talk to me and actually hung up. Never have I had so much hate and disgust for someone... I don't deserve this. I'm better then this... he was lucky I even gave him a second look. I will get through this... praying for it to get easier asap.

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