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Wednesday 28 August 2013

Paw Print Inn: Pet Resort and Spa ~ They're More Than Pets, They're Pampered Guests!

The reason proverbs stick around for centuries is that there is more than a grain of truth in them, and popular proverbs touch on a universal experience. That’s why “a dog is man’s best friend” endures; your dog is your best friend because no one is more accepting and loyal than your dog.

It makes sense then that people naturally want to pamper their dogs. They want to reward them in any way they can for their unconditional love and the pleasure that they bring. And when it comes to the ultimate pampering experience, you might want to check out the doggie spa at Your dog will be treated like royalty with the very best doggie accommodations, premium food, gourmet treats, and play sessions. Better yet, you can alleviate any guilty feelings about leaving your pet because you can observe how much your dog is enjoying his pampered surroundings by viewing a community web cam.

Leaving your dog, even for a few weeks, is hard on both of you, but treating him to a luxurious doggie hotel where he will get the best care and attention is a great way to take care of your “best friend” so that both of you can enjoy your vacations.

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