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Wednesday 24 July 2013

Elite Fashion Swimwear: The Latest Swimwear Trends!

Going on a cruise is a huge event. Whether you've been on twenty sea excursions or this is your very first one, it's important to dress the part while you travel on a ship. Many women look forward to buying new clothes just as much as they anticipate the fun they'll actually have on the sea.

First off, make sure you have a decent dinner dress or two. One of the most exciting parts of ship life is getting to dress up for formal dinners. If money is an object, you can get inexpensive formal wear at local thrift shops or even on online trading sites. Remember to pick something that is in your size. Never order a size too small with the hope that you'll lose weight. Many people gain weight on cruises, so always go for too big rather than too small.

Next, make sure you pack comfortable shoes. You may be doing a lot of walking on board so ensure that you have plenty of long-lasting footwear you can wear again and again. There's nothing worse than being laid up in your cabin with an injured foot. Remember that the right footwear should not only look good, it should be comfortable and easy to wear, too.

Finally, always pack an assortment of bikinis. Make sure you check out colorful fringe bikinis from or choose another style that suits you. Ensure that you pack several options so you can pick swimsuits based on your current mood.

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