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Monday 17 June 2013


In what has to be THE craziest diet move of all times, 23-year-old model Bria Murphy (Eddie Murphy’s daughter), has revealed that many models eat cotton balls to stay thin. Unfortunately, she is not the only one to have brought this frightening fact into the limelight – enough models and minders have spoken about the “cotton ball diet” in the past to have us realize that this is indeed a “trend”.

And exactly how is this savory dish served up? Cotton balls are dipped in orange juice and then swallowed. The reason? You feel full sans any calories as the cotton balls just dissolve away after a while – they don’t add any fat or calories to your body.

Sick as it sounds, this is just another version of extreme dieting that’s prevalent in the look-good-despite-feeling-awful circles. Earlier in the year, former Vogue Australia editor-in-chief Kristie Clements described similar behavior in The Vogue Factor, but with a twist: models eating tissues to stay off the calories.
Different means, same effect.

Forgive me for sounding lame and untrendy but I was always under the impression that one ate food for the nutrition that a body needs to function. Am sure that nobody here needs a refresher course in what happens when the body is starved of life-sustaining vitamins, minerals, proteins and even (gasp!) fats and carbohydrates. Not to say anything about what a steady infusion of cotton balls and tissues would do to the digestive system.

Head. Spinning.

What about you? Tempted by the cotton ball diet? What’s the craziest or most extreme diet trend that you've come across?


  1. Holy. That is incredibly scary and disturbing!

    I could never imagine being under THAT much scrutiny though to look 'perfect' and the extremes one would go to to achieve that!

  2. Such is the society we live in today. Those models are prized for their bodies and their beauty. They are the image that most young women of today strive to look like.

    Sad... Society needs to buck that system and DEMAND real models with REAL measurements. Not some Twiggy look-a-like.

    Stopping by from Link with my Ladies. :)

  3. Is there a proven health damage from eating cotton balls?


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