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Wednesday 19 June 2013

Teespring: Create & Sell Custom Tees With No Upfront costs, & No risk!

As most of you already know, I'm addicted to t-shirts. Yes, I've reviewed many in the past, and always looking out for something new and unique. What do I have for you today? Well, how about a company where you can design your own? Teespring is a company where you can create and sell custom t-shirts, where there's no need for any upfront costs. They're the perfect company to go to if you're looking to have a design made, have a goal in mind of how many you'd like to sell, and nothing gets produced or mailed until you've reached that goal. The beauty of this is you're not paying thousands of dollars upfront, so you're not guessing how many shirts or what sizes you'd need, and no need to pass out t-shirts one by one to each person who bought one, nor having to chase them down for cash.

Curious how it works? Of course you are! Well, you know you gotta keep reading!

You would start off by designing a t-shirt using their online design tool. Don't worry it's really easy, with step by step instructions... even my mom would be able to do it! You're able to upload your own art, or use any of their art from their library of over 10,000 pieces and 50 fonts. Be sure to have fun creating your t-shirt work of art, as this actually was my favorite part of the whole process. 

Once you're happy with the look of your shirt, you would create what's called a Campaign page... this is where you can send people and supporters to purchase their tees. You would have set your sales goal, which is actually the minimum number of shirts you need to see in order for the shirts to be printed. You would then choose a title and description for the campaign... have fun describing the shirt, link any website related to it, and fully explain your cause.

Here's some examples of previous campaigns...

1. "Love Makes A Family". A shirt that was designed to raise money to help a family being able to adopt.

2. "Stay Strong Boston". A shirt that was created to raise money after the tragic event in Boston, which took place April 15th, 2013.

Some current campaigns...

"My Face is up Here"
Herbalife supports Oklahoma tee

It's that easy! You know you wanna try it out, and have fun creating a few designs. Click here to get started now.

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