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Thursday 13 June 2013


Were opaque tights and cozy leggings your best friend through winter? And have they added another cozy layer: all that fuzz and flakiness that’s grown in since you started skipping skirts and shorts? Yup! Thought so. After months of grizzly-like hibernation, your legs will likely be requiring some extra attention right about now. Luckily, even if you don’t have time for the full leg workup – exfoliation, intense moisturizing and thorough tanning – there are plenty of easy ways to make those stems rock. Here’s how to fake it till you make it.

If you have absolutely no time, just shave. This is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to exfoliate your legs, so that flaking is minimized and skin doesn't look as dull.

The quickest save for scaly legs is a shave followed by a generous slather of whatever oil you've got on hand – the thicker the better. You can use something as simple as coconut oil (which is also a great natural moisturizer) or a product specifically designed for the task, like Caudalie Divine Legs. Oil makes all of the key curves of your muscles catch the light and look more well defined. Plus, it makes the skin on your legs appear smoother. And ashy skin magically vanishes, making even the most sallow legs look healthier.

Did you know that a little bit of shimmer can actually hide flaws? With a light hand, dust some fine loose shimmer down the front of your shin bones, the sides of your calves, the backs of your legs and on top of your knee caps; then blend. The shimmer diffuses light, making your skin look more translucent and disguising discoloration. Added bonus: it creates an illusion of longer gams.

Pale is beautiful but when your legs are approximately the same shade as raw meringue, don’t be too proud to pull out the bronzer. This works for deeper skin tones as well, as it highlights and gives a warm glow to gray areas. Plus, bronzer can make your stems seem more defined.

What about you? Do you ever apply stuff to make your legs look sexier and more toned? What do you like to use?

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