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Sunday 9 June 2013

Happy Monday Mingle: It was a Great Weekend!

mondaymingleWelcome to the Monday Mingle. I used to participate in this hop a while ago, and decided to join in the fun once again. So the topic this week is "schools out for the summer". Now I'm not in school... finished school thirteen years back. So I will talk about the beginning so summer.
The weather here in Toronto is off to a great start. Most of the days are fairly sunny, in the mid 20's Celsius, with a wonderful breeze. For the perfect summer day, my hubby and I went to Canada's Wonderland. For those of you who don't know where and what that is... it's a theme park located in the northwest part of Toronto. It might actually be considered the city Maple, but I'm not too sure.

It's been years since I've visited the park, and many of the same rides that I used to go on were still there. Quite a bit has changed... a lot more crazy roller-coasters then before. Probably the last time I was there, was when I was in college. I had wanted to go many years ago, however, with the weight gain... I wouldn't have fit on the rides. So it was a goal of mine, once I lose weight... I wanted to go. Each year that I lost more weight, there would always be some type of medical condition that was keeping me from going. Well, finally I'm under 200Lbs, I'm able to walk freely without getting tired, and I feel much healthier then previous years. I'm happy to say... I finally got to enjoy the theme park.

Of course since I've had gastric bypass surgery, it limits what I'm able to eat when I'm out. I'm still terrified to eat "normal" food when I'm out, as I really don't want dumping syndrome. And I've been having a bad case of IBS lately, which makes me have to be even more careful about what I put in my body. Sticking to a protein bar, water, and the occasional bite of whatever my hubby was eating, made the day doable. Looking forward to many more visits to the park, and a lot more fun!

Happy Monday everyone!

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