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Friday 10 May 2013

MyReviewsNow: "The #1 Social Shopping Site"!

Are you someone who loves to shop online and look for all the best deals and savings? How about researching the latest products for reviews, to try and decide whether you want to dish out the cash, or continue looking for other products? Both tasks can become time consuming and a real headache. Look no further, you can now find both on the same site! is that and more... "The #1 social shopping site". 

MyReviewsNow includes all the top names and companies that you would most likely be looking for, all under one easy to use website. Not only do they break down their merchant shops in nicely organized categories, but they also have a search tool which makes life easier. The website is simple, easy to use, and nicely designed... pleasing to the eye and super easy to navigate. It's so easy to use, that even my grandma had no problem figuring it out!

Looking for even more incentives to have fun on their website? Of course you are! What makes them stand out above other sites? Well, they have an awesome membership reward program that's free. For everything you do on the site, whether it be writing a review, sharing via social media, etc., you earn points. Once some points have added up, you're able to redeem them for REAL stuff! Sounds like fun doesn't it? What's better then sharing your opinion on your favorite stuff, checking out other reviews, saving on everyday items that you would normally purchase, and getting free stuff... all in one place?! I know, I've bookmarked!

I literally can spend over an hour searching for stuff that I want. They carry almost everything I'd be looking for, conveniently in one spot. They offer stuff like travel and vacations, clothing and jewelry, As Seen on TV products, beauty products, cellphones and other devices, fitness and weight loss products, children's clothing and other products, health products including vitamins, home improvement and decor, electronics, pet supplies, and so much more. They even offer a laser hair removal machine... they really do offer almost everything in one place!

So be sure to swing by and check them out... you never know when you can find a deal!

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