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Sunday 5 May 2013

Latest Update: It's Been a Long Exhausting Weekend

Once again where have I been hiding? Well, I might as well update everyone on what's been going on... my mom had double bypass open heart surgery this past Friday. That's mostly why I've been so busy and stressed out. I didn't want to mention the surgery until after it happened, just in case any family members read about it on here. No need to worry anyone unless it was a more negative outcome.

The surgery went well and took roughly five hours. Both myself and my grandma spent the whole day waiting... from 6 AM to about 9:30 PM. We were able to see her once she was in the ICU, but usually for only about five minutes every hour. I have to say that the first two days were quite scary... was terrified she would never get better. It left me leaving many times saying I was going to use the washroom, but instead stepping out to have a little cry. It was much easier knowing she was in ICU and  having someone there 24 hours watching her, but she was moved to the cardiac ward in a room the second day. There we were facing many terrifying obstacles... crazy roommate, not able to lift arms or head, and in complete agony. It breaks my heart when there isn't much that I can do.

With day three almost over and finally arriving back home at my grandma's, I find myself exhausted. The stress of leaving mom there through the night causes me great anxiety, which ends up in a terrible sleep. I guess my lack of sleep is nothing compared to how she's feeling... which is what keeps me going. She's such a strong woman and I want to be there for her through this hard time.

On top of all this I've been back to work two weeks now. Work has actually helped me stay sane through everything that's been going on. I've been blessed with wonderful people that I work with, an amazing company to work for... and so much more.

Time for me to hit the sack... another early morning tomorrow.

Goodnight everyone,

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