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Thursday 16 May 2013

How to Soften Hardened Brown Sugar!

I've made the switch from white refined sugar over to honey, Stevia, and brown sugar. I went to go use my brown sugar this morning, and what did I find? A big hard useless mass of sugar that was stuck in the tin. Nothing worse then making a cup of chai and having no sugar! Here's some handy tips to soften it back up...

- Place a few slices of apple or a slice of bread in the container. Make sure that it's air-tight, and keep sealed for a couple days. Then, remove the apple slices once it's softened.

- If you're able to, place the sugar in a bowl in the microwave, with a small container or glass of water beside it. Heat it for a minute. Make sure to check it every 30 seconds until it's softened.

- Once again if you're able to, place the sugar in a bowl, and cover it with a damp cloth. Let it sit over night.

Over time the moisture leaves the brown sugar, which makes it hard. To fix this problem, you have to find a way to replace the moisture... which is why I shared these tips with you.

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