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Friday 10 May 2013

Dogtra E-collar: Help Train Your Pooch!

For some dog owners, having better control over their pet or professional dog is their number one concern. A lot of owners think that simple obedience training is enough for gaining control over a dog, but for some animals, other methods must be tried to gain some dominance over the animal. For those that need better control over their dog, whether it is to enforce learned behavior or to train the animal for guarding or protection, an e-collar is considered the most effective and most humane way to teach a dog.

While an e-collar can help in lessons for basic commands like sitting and staying, it can also be used to stop incessant barking and just plain ignorance of commands in the animal. For those trying to install professional training in a dog, an e-collar is an excellent tool to curb a canine's instinctive nature to chase other animals and to address aggressive posturing against other dogs and people. While the overall benefits of an e-collar cannot be denied, a dog owner must remember that the collar is just a tool and should never substitute for valuable time spent around the dog to establish a bond and let the animal know that the owner is its pack leader.

Traditional obedience training methods should be used with the e-collar to get the most effective use of the device and performance from the dog. Before choosing an e-collar, always remember to read all the instructions and carefully introduce the device to the animal before trying to enforce lessons with electrical stimulation.

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