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Saturday 23 March 2013


Today, I stumbled upon this gem of an infographic by The Modern Man. It’s titled 10 Reasons Why Men Don’t Find Fat Women Attractive and has some superb revelations like:

  • She looks like “used goods”
  • She lowers a man’s social status
  • Her diet costs a lot of money
  • She would likely be a selfish relationship partner

Now, I have been known to tip the scales a bit on the wrong side but exactly how does that make me “selfish”? And what about the fact that “fat” issues are not always about what you eat but oftentimes due to medical reasons such as thyroid imbalances, hormonal fluctuations, polycystic ovaries, certain kinds of medication… I could go on and on and on and on. And don’t even get me started on things like “used goods” and “social status”. Really? Do I need to even expound on these further or are they just self-explanatorily DISGUSTING?

I think this infographic is not just offensive to plus sized women, but actually to all women in general. In fact, I think it’s even offensive to men because seriously, what would you think about a man who subscribes to this school of thought? And do all men really think like this?

Please weigh in on the issue in the comments box… do you find this infographic offensive? Or is it merely stating the truth? In the meantime, please excuse me while I go lower my husband’s social status by a few notches. After all, the idiot deserves it for still staying with me… right?


  1. I'd say it's just hilarious. What do we have after the age of racism and agism, weightism, right?
    If a man is looking for package rather than personality and wants to make his social status higher, why don't he get a high-bred dog to accompany him to the parties?
    And while thinking about plus size women as being unhealthy and able to pass some bad genes to their children, doesn't he think of what on the world may cause the skinny look of some girls and if they ever are able to give birth to a child?
    This infogram must have been made by an 8yo boy, bred by both mother andfather always on a diet due to preserve the "package" :-)

  2. I actually had to go to the site this came from to see the source. I do find this offensive - but a lot of women also believe the same b.s. The website it came from is like the internet version of that Vh1 show "The Pick-up Artist" - people on both sides guilty of being stupid and shallow and feeding into one another's behavior.

  3. This Infograpic needs to be renamed to "Why Adolescent Boys don't find fat women attractive". No real man would take this graphic seriously or thinks this way, only immature boys who have yet to mature.

  4. I am a woman and am not offended. It's made by a troll.

    However, there is some truth to some of this, like it or not. But plenty of men would choose to look past these things because they love someone and she's worth it to them.

  5. I am a man and all of these have credibility as I have been in a relationship with, have a mother who is and have in the past been overweight. There is nothing good about it, the reason people in society think badly of people like that is because of the negative implications that come from being overweight. For example, isn't it genetically true that people look for healthier looking partners to provide for a family better?

  6. It is all true no real man wants a fat slob.

  7. The only thing that makes it offensive is it's truths. Lazy, Unhealthy, Used Goods?? Remember this isnt about being 10 - 15 pounds your ideal weight, this is for someone thats clinically obese and I think Taller heavier women are looked upon even worse. Alot of Men, whether or not they will risk a fight and admit it, think exactly like this. Im an older woman who has gotten very fst in the last 1.5 yrs. I have a grown 28yr old son and a 10 yr old daughter and society as a whole still lives by these "thoughts" and therefore so do the men/people being raised. I guess Im strange having been on both sides, I ABSOLUTELY agree! I didnt get overly fat till I got lazy, started eating out to much, selfish and I have to try very hard NOT to pass these bad habits to my daughter. My husband is 10 yrs younger and wont touch me. Just being honest, I do not blame him, ANY women is fooling herself if she says rolls and rolls of fat during sex or while sitting or walking, or rolls hanging out of clothes is an attractive sight. Fetishes aside, its NOT pretty. Dont get ne wrong there are some very beautiful heavy women but are the rolls pretty??


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