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Friday 22 February 2013

Top Five Foods That Burn Fat

Most people often wonder if it is even possible to have food which burns fat. Well, it is true; there are several foods which help to burn fat. The only reason why people put on weight is because they tend to take in more calories than what the body can burn. The main aim of every diet is to burn fat fast. The body does need a certain amount of fats and this can be taken in in the form of nuts and olive oil. One of the best ways to burn fat is by consuming food which has a low content of carbohydrates. Avoid eating oily r fatty foods such as butter as this won’t help the fat burning process in any sort of way. One thing which is very important to remember is that starving yourself isn't going to help in any way. Eating fruits and vegetables as a major part of your food intake helps in the fat burning process as these are foods that burn fat. If you have been wondering what to eat in order to in order to lose weight, here’s a list of foods that burn fat.

  1. Apples: apples help to burn fat. They contain a high percentage of the soluble fiber called pectin. Eating an apple before a meal helps to burn fat. Other fruits which help to burn fat are grapes pineapples and strawberries. Even oranges have fat burning properties. Besides being able to burn fat, oranges also provide high levels of energy.
  2. Green leafy vegetables, onions and tomatoes are also foods that help to burn fat. All fibrous vegetables help in burn fat.
  3. Grapefruit is another fat burning food. It also has the ability to flush out your system and clean out all the unwanted toxins. Grapefruit also lowers the PH level (because of the toxins being removed). The reduced PH levels encourage the body to release unwanted fats.
  4. Herbs: when it comes to foods which burn fat, herbs happen to be one of the main foods which helps in the fat burning process of the body. Herbs don’t directly remove or burn fat, but they speed up the fat-burning metabolism dramatically. One of the best fat-burning herbs is ginger. Ginger uses increased body heat to burn fat.
  5. Recent studies have also proved that a dairy rich diet helps to burn more fat than a diet which contains less dairy products. The calcium content is dairy foods is what helps in the fat burning process. The calcium increases the breakdown of fat in fat cells and hence boosts the body’s fat burning process.

The best way to burn fat is to start implementing a sensible burn fat diet. Remember that starving yourself or skipping meals with an idea of losing weight won’t help in anyway; in fact, it will slow doesn’t the fat burning process. Make sure to eat sensible if you wish to burn all the extra fat in your body.

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  1. So I ate a whole tub of ice cream and it didn't burn the fat. Instead of sprinkles I put calcium supplements of top.


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