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Thursday 21 February 2013

Let Your Dog Drive a Subaru: Dog Tested. Dog Approved: $350 or $150 Visa Gift Card Giveaway!

© Copyright 2013. Anne Kim.
Do you have a dog, puppy, or any other adorable pet in your family? I'm a proud owner of Mr. Jingles the cat, and a big fan of my fur-cousin Dupont... the pretty dog! If I drove and was looking for a vehicle, it would have to be a Subaru. Why? Well, "dogs have been driving Subaru vehicles for years"! Thanks to the awesome Canine Sales Associate Grant Weber from Subaru, this is possible!

I wrote two fun posts previously to this one about Subaru and the Puppy Bowl, which included some fun teaser videos. Since the Super Bowl has passed, it's time to share some of the fun and exciting commercials that have aired.

© Copyright 2013. Anne Kim.

Some fun commercials...
(The "Intro" is my favorite out of the bunch.)

  • "Intro" - "Dogs have been driving Subaru vehicles for years, which begs the question, where are they buying them? Meet Grant Weber, our most beloved Subaru Canine Sales Associate."
  • "Kids" - "Grant Weber knows a growing family can be a pawful. That's why he makes it easy to buy a safe, puppy-friendly new Subaru."
  • "Breads" - "Hunting dogs. Lapdogs. Water dogs. They all agree: Once you sit in a Subaru, you'll stay."
  • "Last One" - Grant Weber shows how easy it is for a dog to buy a Subaru, despite a few distractions.

Don't the completed videos look super cute?! If you don't have a dog, doesn't it make you want one?! Naturally my favorite out of the bunch is the commercial that contains both a cat and a dog... yes I'm an animal lover. I'm a cat owner, but have always wanted a little dog of my own. At the moment it's not an option, but sometime in the future I will be adding to my fur-family.

After checking out all those super cute, awesome videos, you gotta swing by their Facebook page and check out their Subaru interactive page. There's lots of fun options for you and your furry friends. I literally spent over an hour having fun playing around on their "Dog Tested. Dog Approved" page.

For all those people who have fur-babies in their family... this is the place you will LOVE to visit. You're able to create a drivers license for your dog, place your dog in a Subaru and create an adorable photo, Subaru dog matchmaker, and the cutest... ask one of three experts via a live feed. Who are the experts you may ask? Well, they're three very cute, adorable doggies!

Starting with the Subaru dog matchmaker, you enter your info into the form. What this does for you, is once you submit your dogs information it lets you know what Subaru vehicle is the best match for the family... including your pup! For the information regarding my fur-cousin Dupont, here's the info it provided:

Dupont would look good in this vehicle, and so would I!
Next, is their application is the Canine Drivers License Division, which helps you create an actual drivers license for your furry friend. It's easy to use, and super cute. I had so much fun using this tool, that I even created one with a photo of my cat. Yes... it's meant for dogs, but really you can use any photo that gets embedded on the license state of choice.

Step 1: Creating your furry friend's license by entering info.

Step 2: Add pet photo and make adjustments as needed. Save.

Final product! Share your adorable fur-baby!

That was super fun and cute, and I bet you can't wait to share it across all your social media! I know I shared it all over... who wouldn't love that cute, furry face?! For the next fun section, the Put Your Dog in a Subaru section. This is where you select your favorite vehicle of theirs, and upload another photo of your furry friend. What this does, is actually places your dog in the drivers seat of the car. Uploading the photo for this works similar to that of the license plate. Have fun playing around to get it to fit perfectly, and save.

Dupont in his Subaru!

The last and most exciting portion of the interactive Subaru... Ask An Expert. What is this? Well, this is a section that has a cute little chat-room that is live, with a choice of three experts. You're able to communicate with the experts, ask questions, have fun chatting, and laugh at how cute it is. Why is it cute? Well, the experts are cute, fluffy dogs! Each expert is sitting in their office, able to chat and answer all your questions you may have. I couldn't get enough of this section, as I kept asking funny questions, and was entertained by the answers!

Dog expert #1: Lars

Dog expert #2: Sasha

Dog expert #3: Gypsy

So if you're looking for the perfect vehicle for your family, especially those with fur-babies... then Subaru is the perfect match!

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This post is sponsored by Subaru. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about the Dog Tested. Dog Approved.™ campaign, but A Spicy Boy, A Cat, and My Fat Ass only shares news for things we support.

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