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Sunday 13 January 2013

Keeping Score: A Guide to Love and Relationships!

In my early teens and adulthood I can remember reading many different magazines, and having so much fun completing the quizzes that were in them. I remember myself and my best friend reading the questions out loud, and circling the answers for each other. It was quite a while since I've completed a fun quiz like that... probably over ten years now. At least that was until I came across the book Keeping Score: A Guide to Love and Relationships, by Marc Brackett.

If you're looking for a fun idea for you and your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend, then Keeping the Score might be what you're looking for. Pour a glass of wine, cuddle up on the couch, and have fun going through the quiz together. The book is geared to help you focus on your relationship, that way you can see the areas you may want to work on. There are two separate quizzes: Eve and Adam... one from the woman's point of view and the other for the man.

The back cover.

Eve: for the woman to rate the male partner!

Adam: for the man to rate the female partner!
Once both of you have completed the quiz, you use the sheets from the back of the book to add up your scores. You're also able to print out extra sheets online, that way you can keep your book free from writing. That's what I ended up doing. Actually... before I got to the end of the book, I wrote them down on a scrap piece of paper. Naturally it stated throughout the book that I could visit the proper pages for the sheets, but I seemed to accidentally miss that information until after! I like to blame it on the wine!

If you're like me and hate adding up the numbers in your head, either use a calculator, or visit the main website which will do the adding for you. I honestly prefer to use the online tool that will do all the work... it keeps me and the hubby from arguing about the correct amount! Curious about our scores?! My  hubby did the Adam quiz, which ended up equaling 90/100... which is an A. I did the Eve quiz, and my husband scored an 89/100... which is a B!

It was fun doing the quiz, which ended up being a nice date night worth of entertainment. We enjoyed doing the quizzes so much, that we also traded and did the others quiz for extra fun. The Adam quiz is different from the Eve quiz... so we completed both each, added the answers and divided it by 2. Both answers were within 10 in difference, so they were pretty well spot on.

Interested in purchasing your own Keeping Score? Of course you are! Click here to visit where you can purchase the book online. Interested in visiting their Facebook? Of course you are! Click here to visit.

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