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Saturday 1 December 2012

The Frustration

What a day so far. I woke up early even though I was planning on sleeping in. I was expecting furniture to be delivered (futon and computer chair), so I knew I had to be somewhat presentable. Being at home I'm usually wearing track pants and a t-shirt... nothing too exciting unless I have company, or going out. I heard a knock at the door and thought that's weird... they said they would call when they're on their way. It was my mom showing up at around 8am! Oh how I wish I could have slept in a little more, but in a way I'm glad she's here so I wont be alone when the company comes.

Anyway, they delivered the items, and I just finished putting the futon together. Now I don't know who's the person that designed the instructions, but it really needed some words on it... it only had picture diagrams. I had put it together and had two pieces left... to then realize I had put the backing of the futon on backwards. Bloody hell... as if I wasn't already tired! So I finally fixed it and the futon looks good.

Now for the computer chair... they sent the wrong color. Actually, the dumbass sales clerk ordered the wrong color. Ya... I'm not impressed. Maybe if she focused more on the actual entering of the order on the computer, instead of the necklace I was wearing, it would have been right. I was sent a black leather chair, and it was a gorgeous brown that I wanted. I could have bought a black one anywhere else for half the price... it was the color that I LOVED. Well, I just called them... and they said they will call me back. Grrr... I want it resolved now and not a million years later. It took over a month to get it delivered... how long will it take to finally get the right chair?

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