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Friday 7 December 2012

Finding The Right MMA Workout Video

I’ve had a gym membership for the better part of my life. The problem was that I wasn’t getting the results that I wanted. I was doing just enough to keep me in shape but I wasn’t building a lot of muscle. I heard about an MMA workout video regime that would allow me to get the results I was looking for in under three months. That kind of promise was hard to pass up.

When I started looking, there was more than one MMA workout video out there. All of them had a basic similarity to them. They wanted me to eat a set number of calories to help with the overall weight loss. Many of them also had a list of supplements that I should be taking. Finally, they all focused on a hardcore strength and cardio workout.

I compared TapouT XT with Insanity and P90XT. They all were the same price and each of them offered the same 90-day money back guarantee. Before I was going to spend that kind of money, however, I needed to see what I was actually going to get.

Each program includes a nutrition guide that helps with what should be eaten. Each one focuses on vegetables, lean meats and carbs – they mainly differ by how much of each should be consumed. Insanity breaks their meals down to coincide with the fitness intensity of the workout. P90XT gives three plans to choose from. Then TapouT XT has a meal plan, recipes as well as a 10-day slim-down plan.

The workouts were similar when you look at the MMA workout video. The main difference was what had to be used in order to complete the different workouts. Each required the use of weights or resistance bands or a combination of the two. What ultimately stuck out to me was the fact that TapouT XT only required the use of training and resistance bands and that they were provided to me in the package so that I didn’t have to go out and buy them on my own.

TapouT XT also provided the most number of workouts, allowing me to change it up from day to day. For added convenience, they all created a workout schedule to ensure I wouldn’t be doing the same activity each day. Insanity and TapouT provided me with a calendar to help keep track of this while P90XT didn’t.

In the end, when I had to choose an MMA workout video, I chose TapouT XT because it had a better overall package.

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