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Sunday 9 December 2012

Day 9: 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways - The Neater Feeder: Spoil Your Pet, Spare the Floor ~ Neater Feeder Giveaway!

Jingles is happy with his new Feeder!
For those of you who are pet owners, your pet is a part of the family. Yes, we tend to spoil our fur-babies... I know I do. Even though Mr. Jingles my cat is spoiled, that doesn't mean he isn't a little piggy. Yes I said it, my cat is a pig! He leaves paw prints all over my clean polished furniture, leaves kitty litter on my clean bed sheets, fur all over my furniture, and of course his food on the floor. It never fails how much I try and clean up after him, he leaves a trail of where he's been. Thanks to a company called Neater Feeder, my life is a little bit easier then before.

Mr. Jingles old dishes and holder... gross!

Neater Feeder is a company that was smart in their pet food holder, as it truly saves on time, is easy to clean, and REALLY reduces the mess our pet makes while eating. How do I know this? When I find a product that I love, I spread it to the world to know. From day one of using the new Neater Feeder, there was less food on the floor! No more crazy kitty flinging his food on the floor, the Feeder catches it!

I also noticed that this Feeder corrected one of my cats major bad and annoying habits... he used to use his paws and fling his food on the floor to eat it. He tried to do this in the beginning, and failed miserably! I must admit, it was quite cute to watch him in the beginning. He was so confused as to why he wasn't able to make a mess! So instead of him playing with his food, he now leans over and eats from the bowl like a good kitty should.

Not only do I approve of this new great invention, but Mr. Jingles approves of it too! Since we've been using the new feeder, he's actually lost a little weight. He hasn't been snacking all day like before when he was bored... it was like a game of toss and catch the food on the floor! The baby gets half a cup of dry food in the morning, and then I give him half a can of wet food at night in a porcelain dish of my own, that just fits on top of the stainless steal bowl.

What I love about this product, is that it comes in sizes for both cats and dogs, small or big. My fat is about 15Lbs, and is a big cat... he's long and tall. With the new feeder he doesn't have to crouch down to eat anymore, as this is off the floor, and it came with the added leg boosters. The add on just clips on, and makes the Feeder taller! Very simple, even though it came with instructions it didn't really need it.

The feeder comes with two stainless steel bowls, which helps keep things nice and clean and sterile. Jingles has never had stainless steel dishes before, so it was funny watching him adjust to the change. He wasn't used to seeing his reflection in the bowl. I must say though, I love the stainless steel look, and it looks great in the kitchen. I also love the color of the burgundy feeder, as it matches my decor perfectly.

Doesn't my fur-baby look cute with his new Neater Feeder?!

Interested in getting your own Neater Feeder? Of course you are! Click here to visit and grab your items today! Interested in visiting their Facebook and Twitter pages? Of course you are... you never know when you could save and get a deal!

Thanks to Neater Feeder one lucky reader has a chance to win a Neater Feeder! To qualify you must be 18+, and be a resident of US/CA.

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