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Wednesday 14 November 2012

The Screaming O: The Most Discreet Toy I Own!

I enjoy reviewing products, even those of the adult novelty category. I've reviewed those type of items on my website, as well as on actual company websites. Some products aren't discreet at all, and there's no way you'd be able to tell someone it's something else. Well, the latest item from the company The Screaming O, is one of the most discreet adult toys that I own to date. Gotta love a cute little vibrator that you can easily toss in your purse, luggage, or even your pocket, and not have to worry that someone will see it.


I love The Screaming O brand, and have reviewed other items of theirs in the past. Everything I've tried worked great, is still in my collection, and is affordable. The only thing with the other items that I own from them, is that they're not as discreet as the new one. There's a whole entire new collection that features in discreetness: The Screaming O Studio Collection. The picture of the collection is above, and you would just assume that they're make-up products.

The fun item I received for review, was their Lipstick Vibe. You're probably asking yourself... does this item actually look like a lipstick? It really does! The case reminds me of a high end lipstick tube, with it's black and flashy red color. It's the size of an actual tube of lipstick, so no one would even second guess that it isn't. Even if you remove the cap of the lipstick, it still looks like a lipstick up close. You wouldn't know that it wasn't one, unless you tried to actually apply it on your lips! Yes the lipstick does say "The Screaming O", but no one would realize that it's a vibe... they would just think it's a funky make-up name.

The tip of the lipstick has a rubbery feeling to it, and is flexible in nature. It has a smooth angled tip just like any brand new lipstick, and is a pretty bright red color. When it comes to the actual vibrator portion... don't let the size of this item fool you. It is a mighty powerful little vibe, that will make you scream with delight! To turn the vibe on, you just tap the bottom of the lipstick, where it looks like a label would normally be. There's a bright red "power on/off" symbol at the bottom of the lipstick, which most people wouldn't really notice. Just click it to find the setting to your liking, there's different speeds and vibrations. There's eight speeds in total, which is quite powerful. Guess what? This cute little toy is also waterproof!

What I love right away after opening the box, there's batteries included. I hate when I buy a toy and batteries aren't included. It's like a kid on Christmas that gets a toy and want's to play, but there's no batteries so you can't play with it right away. I'm happy to say that this toy isn't one of those! The lipstick easily screws open in the section where it's red... which is in the middle. Thinking that I had the batteries to place in the toy, opening it I discovered they already had batteries inside. Yes, it comes with extra batteries! That is a major bonus. The batteries inside have a safety seal that has to be removed prior to the first use.

The overall packaging was pleasing to the eye, and protected the vibe perfectly. The packaging isn't as discreet as the actual vibrator, but you wouldn't think it was a vibe unless you actually read that it is one. Classy packaging, and very informative.

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I received an item(s), in exchange for my honest opinion, and a review of my experience. I did not receive any other compensation or incentive nor was I required to write a positive review. Individual results or experiences may vary.

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