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Saturday 13 October 2012

Sexy Shimmer vs Disco Queen

Reader’s Question: I want to wear a shimmer powder but don’t know where I should apply it. Can you help? 

Kim Answers: Shimmer can be scary as it picks up every light source and reflects it right back – however it can also make you look picture-perfect! A general play-it-safe rule is to place it where the light hits naturally – on top of the cheek bones, in the center of the nose, on the eye lid, the cupids bow, and more lightly on the brow bone. You can also use highlighting techniques to “correct” a face: For instance a wide nose will benefit from a thin vertical line on the center that will create an optical effect and “lift” the nose. MAC Pigment in Vanilla is my personal favorite – it works for all skin tones, and is extremely versatile. Add some to your moisturizer for a health radiance, a tiny bit on the cupid bow for seductive lips, in the center of the lips for a plumping effect, or on the cheek bones for a glam glow.

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