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Saturday 8 September 2012

Weird beauty tips that work wonders

These are the weirdest beauty fixes I have seen in action, which actually give proven results... tried and tested by myself:

1. An ultra-deep nail polish has left that dreaded tawny stain on your nails, which refuses to go away despite repeated swipes of the polish remover? Dip a lemon wedge in baking soda to scrub your fingers squeaky clean.

2. ‘Tis the season for red lips but maintaining them all through the night is a pain. Make it easier by rubbing a bit of cherry Jell-O powder directly onto moistened lips before applying your lipstick. For maximum precision, apply with a Q-tip or clean lip bush – you really don’t want a red ring around the mouth! Even when the lipstick begins to fade, your bold lips will appear to be intact for hours due to your Jell-O primed pout.

3. Have unmanageably curly hair? Skip the generic towel and use a simple cotton tee to dry your strands after a shower. A bath towel actually increases frizziness by roughing up the hair cuticles, while a smooth cotton knit fabric soaks in excess water without disturbing the natural ringlets.

4. Any face moisturiser can do double duty as a makeup remover in a pinch. Simply pour onto a ball of cotton and wipe across the face to remove makeup, then rinse off with warm water. Or, apply on a Q-tip and use with a light hand to clean up smudged liner and flaky mascara.

5. Cold sores? Ultra-dry lips? Dab on a little bit of honey – it is excellent for repairing dry and cracked skin, while simultaneously warding off bacteria.

Have you tried any of these tricks-of-the-trade? What are your secret beauty fixes that work wonders?

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