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Friday 7 September 2012

How to drop a dress size in 20 minutes

The weekend begins and it’s time to get out that body hugging dress and paint the town red! Or is it? Unfortunately, life is rarely that perfect – especially for those of us whose days normally consist of rushed meals grabbed off fast food counters and late night spent chasing deadlines. The result? Bloated bodies that make you want to slip into a tent-shaped kaftan rather than risk the unforgiving cocktail number.

But despair not – there is help at hand, courtesy the Thai damsels of centuries past, whose herbal wraps are superb at drawing out body impurities, banishing bloat and firming up the skin. No, you won’t lose 10 kilos in one session and the effects last only a few days, but if it gets me from a size 10 to a size 8 in time for Saturday’s bachelorette bash at the Four Seasons, it’s good enough for my needs!

My personal favourite is this super-simple wrap recipe that my in-laws use, which seems to rejuvenate even the most weary:

INGREDIENTS (Adjust quantities according to your body size)

  • 1 oz (20 gms) ginger 
  • 3 oz (80 gms) turmeric 
  • Handful of rice 
  • Warm water as required


  • Grind together the ginger and turmeric. 
  • Powder the rice to a coarse, grainy texture. 
  • Add everything to the warm water and mix till it makes a thick paste. 
  • Massage the paste all over your body in circular motions, paying special attention to areas with fatty deposits such as thighs, stomach, hips and upper arms. 
  • Leave the paste on for 20 minutes* and then rinse off with warm water. 
  • Follow with a moisturiser of your choice.

What’s your surefire way of losing those pesky pounds in an instant? Do share!

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