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Thursday 6 September 2012

Fresh Produce: Girly Trends at it's Freshest!

I've always been a pants type of girl, as I never really felt comfortable with my body enough to wear a dress. I felt that way for many years, that was until I finally lost over 100Lbs. It's finally nice to be able to walk into a regular clothing store, and be able to buy clothes. What's also nice, is being able to buy clothing online, and to actually fit into a size large or extra large. Never in a million years did I think it was possible, but I'm now living it. With my weight loss, I'm now excited to be able to wear girly dresses... well really anything girly! I came across a pretty feminine clothing store online: Fresh Produce, and they offer the freshest of trends. 

I love their huge selection of clothing: Dresses, Beach Cover-Ups, Casual Clothing, tops, and so much more. Guess what? They even offer plus sizes!

I was sent an item that was from their Dresses for Spring Collection: their Morocco Cafe Wrap Dress, which has a wide variety of color/pattern options. It's their classic wrap dress, but the "Morocco" was the pattern, and I had selected it in the color black. Their wrap dresses come in many colors, as well as patterns. Even though they had it listed under spring dresses, it's also under their regular dress section. This dress can be dressed up, or dressed down. You can wear it any time of the year, wear it with your favorite pair of leggings, jeans, and of course some funky girly accessories.

I LOVE the way the wrap dress fits on my body, it's made for pretty much any type of figure. It camouflages my tummy imperfection perfectly.

Interested in purchasing the same dress? Hurry, there's a sale on... it only costs $31.50! It normally retails for $84, so that is a HUGE savings.

The dress is made up of 92% rayon, 8% lyrca, and it comes in the Morocco print, Bali print, Fiji print, Tunisia print, as well as solid colors. It features an empire waist, half wrap skirt, flutter sleeves, above-the-knee length, made in USA . Click HERE to get yours today!
The first time I wore the dress, I was meeting my hubby at Shoppers Drug Mart by our home. He was coming from work, and we were meeting up to do some quick shopping. He called me wondering where I was in the store... not like it's that big. I was like "I told you I'm looking at the birthday cards", as we were buying something for his mom's birthday. He was standing there, and did a double take... he had no idea it was me standing there. He actually thought I was someone else! He was like "wow"! So after that reaction, this is now my favorite little black dress, that I like to wear for casual outings.

Since the weather will soon be changing, swing by and check out their Fall Collection!

Product(s) were provided for the purpose of review. I am not paid to write this review. These are my honest thoughts and opinions.

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