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Thursday 23 August 2012

What is that smell?!

Once again I've been awake for hours. This time it wasn't the crazy meowing of my fur-baby... it was a funky smell that I couldn't stand. So at about 4am I get up, walk to the living room to grab my cats litter box, bring it into the washroom to clean it out, when to my amazement... it was empty and clean.

Hmmm... what was going on?! Still half asleep, I make my way back into the bedroom that still smells like Jingles took a stinky ass dump... I get on my hands and knees with my cellphone's flashlight, searching under the bed and everywhere in sight. Once again... nothing in sight. By now my cat is down on the floor next to me wondering what the hell I'm up to, and then all of a sudden...POOF! A huge stinky puff of wind that could have shaken the entire planet, and I'm sure contributed to the pollution level came from my loving hubby! Hahaha... and here I was blaming the cat!

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