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Monday 27 August 2012

I'm such a klutz!

Yesterday was my mother in-laws birthday, so we were all planning on going out to lunch to celebrate. Since it's been two months since our wedding, a nice picture frame of me and my cutie would make for the perfect gift. I had just gotten off the bus and started walking to her house, and decided to play around with my iPod. By now I was walking down her street and coming around the corner to their house... so I decided to start packing away the iPod, by wrapping the cord around to put it safely in my purse. What happens next? Well, naturally I have to cause some form of embarrassment and attention to myself. I tripped and went flying... landed on my front. The neighbors from across the way yelled if I was okay, and once I realized that someone saw, I jumped up and replied that I was fine. Of course I was directly in front of my in-laws house, so all the neighbors knew who I was.

My hands were burning, my arms and shoulders were aching, but no major damage at the time. Well, it's now the middle of the night and I'm in agony. The palms of my hands look like I have a rug burn on them, as well as the sides of my arms. My arms, legs and other areas of my body are turning black and blue with bruises. I'm in so much pain that once I'm lying in bed, I don't want to roll over. I took two extra strength Tylenol, but they don't seem to be doing much for the pain. I'm such a nerd... such a klutz. My hubby is still laughing about the whole situation... he wasn't there when it happened. He was nice enough to give me a mild massage, as now I have incredible back pain that I haven't had in well over a year. The only positive thing about the whole thing... at least I didn't break her birthday gift!


  1. Aww,sorry you are hurt and sore..i am happy that nothing was broken!!
    I think tripping and falling is human nature no matter how klutzy.
    I hate that 1/2 second feeling you get when you know your going down but can't do anything about it ;)

  2. Awe I am sorry to hear about this :(
    I am glad that you didn't break anything within your body or the MIL's present. Hope you get to feeling better soon!


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