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Wednesday 1 August 2012

Exhausted from all the excitement!

Since my wedding, I've been crazy busy with my in-laws, as well as my family. It seems that I'm burning out, as I'm not used to it all. The past weekend was my husbands brother in-laws sisters wedding. Now when it comes to Indian weddings, they go on for days at a time. So by now... I'm exhausted, and actually sick. I felt a little off by Sunday evening, but just thought I was overly tired. Now it's the middle of the week, and I find that I've come down with some stomach flu. I can't seem to keep anything down... dumping anything and everything that goes in me. I'm in agony, and afraid to go out anywhere, as I might not make it to the washroom. Is this just a stomach bug? Or is this food poisoning? Hard to tell, as no one else seems to be sick. I have to make an appointment to see the doctor for next week, but hopefully it would have been long gone by then.

Interested in seeing me at the wedding?! The lengha that I wore was a dark rust color, but in the photo it looks more burgundy red. By the time this photo was taken, I had already been melting from the heat of the day! I must say that I'm fascinated by Hindu Indian weddings, and LOVE them now!

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