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Tuesday 7 August 2012

Eden Fantasys: Married Edition!

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It's been a short while since I've written regarding my favorite online store: Eden Fantasys. I've been away busy with wedding stuff, that I haven't been able to update you all on the latest awesome Eden Fantasys sex toys, beauty products, or lingerie. Well for starters... I'm married! Yes, as of June 24th I tied the knot, and we haven't killed each other yet! My last issue that I wrote about I said I would update you on some of the fun items I purchased, which would be gifts for my henna party... so stay tuned and I will fill you all in on that.

While I was gone, so many awesome items have been added to their already awesome collection of products... I'm still having fun searching. With it still being wedding season, I will introduce you to the latest items to help make your day extra special... or should I say night extra special!

Every bride likes to have a pretty leg garter for her husband to find, well why not have one that's both pretty, and have a touch of blue?! Coquette's new Leg Garter retails for only $5.99, which makes it an easy addition to your wedding celebration.

Maybe you're looking for a nice classic, elegant look for your wedding... why not add a pair of Satin Opera Gloves by Seven Til Midnight? The gloves fit above the elbows and are a nice hue of white,  that would look great with many wedding dresses. These retail for only $12.99 on Eden Fantasys, whereas if you were to purchase something similar at a wedding store, you'd pay way more.

Looking for the perfect pair of panties to wear under your dress? Eden Fantasys have plenty of choices to select from. One of my favorites is the Romance Ruffle Back Panty by Seven Til Midnight. This pair of panties is super cute and feminine, and has a touch of light blue. You gotta love the light blue ruffle on the bum portion, and I'm sure your new husband would as well!

For a little fun after you've been married, a new item that is comfortable, yet fun... Property of the Groom Cami. Some may not like the idea of it saying property of the groom, but I personally think it's a cute and fun little number. Not only is it perfect for a new bride, but it's something that would be comfortable to actually sleep in. I'm sure any man would smile seeing his wife wear it... I know my husband does!

And now to let you all know what the girls at my henna party received as gifts! Each person received a nicely wrapped gift bag filled with two items...

JimmyJane's Afterglow Gingersnap Massage Candle

Booty Parlor's Flirty Little Favorites

So there you have it, my Eden Fantasys wedding edition finally comes to a close... at least for this season!


  1. My invitation to the wedding must of got lost in the mail.

  2. Great picks for the Eden Fantasy Wedding Edition.(: I love you use the Eden points? I've received over $200 in points within a year on mostly searches and wishlist!
    Hope you are feeling better!!

  3. yeah I use points, i've never spent any of my $ on eden. i earn A LOT of points and gift cards. i make $200 orders a lot and EARN money in commissions! use my code T8V for 15% off when you checkout. doing video reviews on non sensual products gets u a $25 GC, lingerie and sensual is a $15 GC.


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