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Wednesday 15 August 2012

Can't Sleep

Once again I can't sleep due to my anxiety. I've been having panic attacks once again, and they started all the way back in mid to late March 2012. Originally I didn't think anything of it, as I was in so much pain due to my gallstones. I assumed once I had surgery to have it removed, and after my wedding, everything would go back to normal health wise. Well, I was wrong. I've been having panic attacks daily, so it has increased quite a bit since March. I was having them once in a while at that time, but now it seems to be every night, and sometimes during the day.

I've requested to see my old psychiatrist, so she can monitor me and make some medication changes if needed. Last time I saw her I was on Prozac 30mg, Seroquel 50mg, and Clonazepam .25mg. As of yesterday, my family Dr. increased my Prozac to 40mg... and I have been off Seroquel for quite some time now. Maybe it's taken this long to fully work out of my system? That was a nasty drug to come off of, and I would not dare go back on it.

So hopefully I will hear back from the referral and have an appointment scheduled to see the psych soon. Until then, I will try and relax and get some shut eye.

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