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Wednesday 2 May 2012

What a pain in the butt!

Why am I awake so early? I must be crazy, eh?! Damn cat had to take a real stinker of a poop, and there was no way around the smell. Of course the stinky beast is fast asleep on my bed, and I'm not wide awake. How can something so small, smell so bad?! I love the butterball turkey of a cat, but what a pain in the butt. Can't he have a poop when I'm not sleeping?! At least he doesn't poop while I'm eating dinner anymore. Yes, the weird things that go on my mind first thing in the morning... poop!

So my surgery can't come soon enough... I've had yet another gallbladder attack, and it was after eating cereal. What in the world do I eat? It seems right now almost anything can set it off. I even had pain after drinking water... which is crazy. With this surgery I'm not scared at all, I can't wait for them to rip the damn thing out of me. I've read quite a few places online that many people still have pain after gallbladder removal, and I pray that doesn't happen. I did notice though that that sort of thing happens usually if you eat something that you shouldn't... usually something greasy or fattening. With having gastric bypass surgery, I have to avoid those things anyway.

I just want to feel normal again, and be able to eat without feeling pain or discomfort. Hopefully I won't be in too much pain after the surgery, and have a fast recovery.

Time to bug the cat, since he woke me up!

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