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Wednesday 25 April 2012

Where have I been hiding?

Some of you may have been wondering where I've been hiding lately? Well, I'm still here, just going through some stuff. I haven't been around the computer much, as I haven't been feeling the greatest. Not only has my gallbladder been acting up, but I've also been stressed like never before. You're probably wondering what I'm stressed about... well I will fill you in about that later.

I just found out my surgery date to finally have my gallbladder removed... June 1st. Thank God, because I've had several attacks of incredible pain, and it doesn't seem to really matter what I eat that brings it on. I even had an attack after eating Cheerios... which is crazy. Am I scared about this surgery? Hell no... I can't wait for them to rip the damn thing out. If you're someone considering having gastric bypass, expect to have your gallbladder removed sometime after, as rapid weight loss can cause gallstones. I still wouldn't change my decision for the world, as it was one of the most important, best choices of my life.

Now for why I've been stressed... I'm getting married. No, the marriage part doesn't stress me. In fact, I can't wait to finally marry my fiance. The stressful part is that I don't exactly have my mothers blessing. So it looks like both mom and grandma won't be attending my wedding, which is heart breaking for me. She seems to think that if I waited a year everything would be better, however, it's already four years that him and I have been together. I don't need any extra time to know that he's the one, that I love him, and that he makes me happy.

Yes it's an interracial marriage... he's a Hindu Indian and I'm Caucasian Canadian, Scottish/Irish background, Catholic. I'm very open minded when it comes to religion, and his family is quite modern. I find the Hindu religion to be quite fascinating, and peaceful when it comes to visiting the Temple. I have never been so happy before in my life, and no one has ever treated me so good. With him I truly feel like a princess, and he's my best friend... other then my mom of course. Is it the culture that scares her? The religion? Why can't she be happy for me?

So that's some stuff that's been on my mind, and why I've been hiding. Normally when I have stuff on my mind I blog about it, but it's a little awkward when I know there's a possibility that my mother may read it. Just in case... mom... I love you, and I love him... please be there for me.


  1. I hope she changes her mind and is there for you after all!
    Family can be complicated sometimes. They never liked the father of my children at first but they've gotten used to him now, even though the situation is different since we're not getting married.
    On another note.. I suffer from gallstones in my gallbladder too. I have since 09. Just that mine were due to my high cholesterol levels.. sigh..

  2. You had gastric bypass surgery? I so want gastric bypass ! If I had insurance I would do it in a heartbeat!
    I had my gallbladder removed 7 years ago. I still have problems with my stomach but the pain attacks are gone! One thing my Dr told me to be ready for after the surgery is to know where every restroom is wherever you go! He told me this & was like yeah ok exaggeration! But no, he was right! So love, make sure you know where every restroom is! =) I also became lactose intolerant after my gallbladder surgery.
    Congrats on your wedding! I know you want your moms blessing but hun you have to do what makes you happy! As long as he isnt abusive to you in any way then she should embrace him. But unfortunately you cant make her accept him.
    Best of luck to you sweetie!


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