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Monday 5 March 2012

Costume SuperCenter: The best costume super-center online!

Halloween and Christmas has come and gone, but that still doesn't mean that I don't like to dress up every once in a while. I'm a woman who enjoys dressing up in something sexy, getting my hair and nails done, doing my make-up and role playing with my cutie! I discovered Costume SuperCenter and immediately fell in love with their huge choice of costumes and awesome prices. Costume SuperCenter lets you buy costumes and accessories at prices that are below the lowest retail prices you’ll find anywhere.

The selection they offer is tremendous. They have great new designs from popular costume manufacturers. The costumes you will find are the same costumes you will find at mass retail stores and online shops. They offer costumes for men, women, couples, sexy costumes,  plus size, teen, infant, toddler, girls, boys and even pets. They also offer hats, masks, wigs, and other costume accessories.

There's so many different costumes that I love, and it was hard to select just one for review. I personally love the international costumes the most, especially any Bollywood inspired outfits. With my fiance being of Indian decent, I have fallen in love with their vibrant outfits. Since the Bollywood costumes didn't have an XL at the time, I decided on the Sexy Shanghai Lily Geisha costume. With the XL being available, I figured that I would actually wear the dress with leggings or jeans, and actually wear it out for daily wear.

I originally expected the fabric to be satiny-silky like, but it was more of a cotton finish. It's primarily made of polyester, so it can be shrunk if you're not careful... meaning no washer or dryer! With that said, you would want to hand wash this outfit, especially since it has some tassels on it. The costume also comes with cute little chopsticks hair accessories, which I would wear if only I had long hair. I will keep them for when my hair is longer.

The packaging was super strong and durable, which held up well during shipping. It came in a bubble lined envelope, which held the package. the package was in a clear thick plastic bag, that snapped shut. It had a small little hanger at the top. Super cute and feminine packaging for the costume, which showed the high quality of the product.

Some other costumes that I would love to own are...

Interested in purchasing your own costume? Visit Costume SuperCenter! 

Product(s) were provided for the purpose of review. I am not paid to write this review. These are my honest thoughts and opinions.

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  1. After going over this post, I got curious enough to check out the site itself. All that is left to say now is thank you for solving our Halloween costume problems.


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