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Wednesday 8 February 2012

The Foster Mind: Affirmation Posters Giveaway!

I've always been the type of person to write little sticky notes, and post them around my desk at home, as well as at the office. I'm always jotting down some form of inspiration, something to help me get through the day, especially for those hard days at work. I tend to keep a collection of my favorite quotes, so I can re-inspire myself, to help myself to keep going. For many years I've suffered with anxiety and depression, and keeping inspirational affirmations around, tend to help. I came across a company called FosterMind, and they're a company that offers affirmation posters for children.

FosterMind, developed a powerful system for helping parents teach their children to think with optimism, clarity and discernment. By utilizing concepts from “The Law of Attraction” and early childhood experts, their goal with the posters product is to reveal how positive thoughts and self-affirmation has the power to shape healthy minds.

Even though FosterMind is originally geared towards children, they can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The company currently offers a package of 30 posters, each poster with a different affirmation. The posters are printed on high quality paper, 11x17 in size, and are written in pretty eye catching colors. They also come included with removable glue dots, so you don't have to worry about ruining the wall you're sticking them to.

There were a few that stood out, that I will be adding to my wall at work in my cubicle: "I can achieve anything", "I am calm, relaxed, and peaceful", and "I love challenges". I also added one to the front of my refrigerator... "I am strong and healthy"! I thought this is the perfect saying, since I'm on a real health kick, and on a weight loss journey. I've lost over 100Lbs so far, and still going! The posters can really be placed anywhere you feel you're in need of some inspiration.

Visiting their Facebook page, it looks like there's new products coming shortly... that I'm excited about. The new line includes a collection of keychains, laminated posters, magnets, puzzles and stickers. Interested in purchasing the package of posters? Click here!

Thanks to FosterMind one lucky person will get a chance to win their own pack of posters. You must be a resident of Canada or USA to qualify.

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