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Friday 3 February 2012

FortuneKeeper: Read it, believe it, keep it ~ Necklace or Keychain Giveaway!

Have you ever opened a fortune cookie, had a powerful connection to the message inside, and wanted to hold on to it for inspiration? Do you have other inspirational messages or pictures that you would love to wear? Are you someone who likes to keep inspirational quotes around you at times? Maybe you're someone who loves reading your fortune when it comes to opening your fortune cookie, after a good Chinese meal. Well, if you have something that has some importance to you, keep it in your FortuneKeeper. FortuneKeeper is a company that designs jewelry, as well as keychains, that can hold your inspiration, fortune, prayers, mantras, or photo close to you at all times.

What a cool idea I thought when I originally came across the company. I know I've opened fortune cookies in the past, and the fortune seemed to fit to my life perfectly. What do I do with the fortune? I used to fold it up nicely, and keep it in a pocket in my wallet. But what good does that do? It's always hidden! Now that I have my own FortuneKeeper, I can glance at it whenever I'm in need of some inspiration.

I was sent a keychain from the company, with the Door of Opportunity design. I have to say that it's so much prettier up close to the naked eye, then any photo. No photo does this piece justice, although I will try my best to capture its beauty. When you're purchasing your keychain, or necklace, you have the opportunity to customize it to your liking. You can even add a cute little crystal for some extra added bling!

When it comes to the design of this Door of Opportunity, it's actually inspired by the doors of India. Many Hindu woman paint and/or draw intricate designs using rice powder in front of their doors, on the doors, or on the walls, which these type of drawings are called Kolams. For generations, Indian women have passed on to their daughters the knowledge of the ritual wall and ground painting as a visual prayer, an invocation to the divine to protect their home and make it a sacred space. Another similar name for these are called Rangoli.

When it came to the packaging of the product, it came in a cute tin box, that had a little window at the top. Peaking though, shows the keychain/necklace, with padding for protection, as well as a small little card describing the design. Excellent presentation of the product, and I love that they added the extra information regarding Kolams! With my fiance being from India originally, he loved the idea of this product and the design that I chose.

You may ask yourself, how do you get the fortune in the keychain? Well it's quite simple. The FortuneKeeper holds your inspiration between two pieces of crafted lucite, (approx.7/8"x 2 3/8") is secured by rare earth magnets, and finished with lead free beads. It just easily slides open with a touch of your fingers, and then once you have the paper in place, it easily snaps closed!

Everything that was sent with the keychain was very informative, and I truly love my new keychain. It makes me want a necklace, but it's so hard to decide on just one... maybe that means I need a few! Some other designs that I would love to have are...

Interested in purchasing your own funk FortuneKeeper? Click here to visit there store today! Interested in finding out what's going on with the company, and their latest trends? Click here to read their blog! More designs coming... check out their Facebook page for some more gorgeous designs!

Thanks to FortuneKeeper, one lucky person will get a chance to win their very own FortuneKeeper! The winner gets the option of selecting their design of choice, and whether they want a keychain or necklace. Must be in Canada or the USA to enter.

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Products were provided for the purpose of review. I am not paid to write this review. These are my honest thoughts and opinions.

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